Event Features


We've put together an amazing event with wine, food, education and more. With over 20 producers flying in from Portugal this will be an event you don't want to miss!


Taste with 20 Wine Producers

Twenty of the top wine producers from the Vinho Verde region of Portugal will be flying to Brooklyn specifically for this event. Taste over 80 different wines, ask questions to experts, and get to know some of the top wine producers in Europe.

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Food and Wine Pairings

We're bringing in chefs to create live cooking demos and make perfect food pairings with the light, tasty white wines from the Vinho Verde region. Sample traditional and non-traditional food pairings that you can make at home.


Learn about the History of the Region

The Vinho Verde region has a long history of wine production dating back to the Romans. The region has seen a lot of change over the years but has especially blossomed in the past thirty years. Vinho Verde is currently undergoing a time of fantastic innovation.


Explore Grapes Indigenous to Portugal

Portugal boasts over 500 unique grapes indigenous to Portugal and the region of Vinho Verde exclusively works with native grapes. Discover and taste the grapes Alvarinho, Loureiro, Trajadura, Avesso, and more.